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It ain't 2009 no more

This original piece ‘It ain’t 2009 no more’. This piece was painted after the passing of Mac Miller. The art was included in a pop up exhibition event titled “Circles: Til Infinity” in Los Angeles, New York, and Pittsburgh. 


The event was created by Warner Music for the launch of his post-hummus album “Circles”. The artwork has even been recognised by photographer Christaan Felber (the last person to photograph Mac Miller).  


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MF DOOM Process video

This is a video outlining the process of the MF Doom painting. Although this is very quick video, I hope it will give some insight in to how I approach creating art work.


I always begin with a rough sketch on a canvas texture to form the base of my paintings. The idea is to give the painting that organic and traditional feel. This is more personal preference because I started out as traditional artist and I think its important to translate that in to a digital format.


As you will be able to see from the video, I like to apply colours erratically, this is not done intentionally but again simulates the way I would paint traditionally. Its a product of being in a flow state and wanting to finish the painting; however I think it also adds energy and life to the piece. 

I hope to add longer process videos to my blog so stay tuned!



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