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MOBILE :     07838093321




London-based visual artist, SmackJacktheCrackerman — a diverse creative with a range of practical skills. Jack prefers to keep a close hand to the craftsmanship, often working in a chaotic manner, using every medium at his disposal that acts as a tool in his creative alchemy. As a multifaceted artist, his work offers experimentation of multiple forms, such as: digital art, 3D work, spray paint and even poetry.  With a primary focus of using digital mediums to emulate the layered texture, atmosphere and brushwork of traditional painting.

His work is a visual filter into his subconscious, often working in tandem with the subject. He uses a range of stimuli whilst making his art. Music can play a big part in this but it extends to cartoons, film and current affairs, which may appear as graffiti embellished scribbles, words, and phrases. These elements are layered in an almost haphazard fashion, which not only add the visual essence but enhance the deeper narratives embedded in his work.


He has received global coverage, when his portrait of Mac Miller was featured in Warner music’s pop-up exhibition event to celebrate the music and legacy of Mac. This event took place in several locations, including: New York, LA and Pittsburgh. Jack’s most recent achievements have seen him performing as live artist for the Art’Otel at the heart of Battersea Power Station, where he painted Pink Floyd performing in front of the iconic building. Simultaneously, he has spent the last six years designing immersive VR experiences, and has been involved in the creation of many applications for a number of   large names including Meta, Mars and Nespresso. 

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