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Little Simz

Personal - Illustration

Little Simz has been the top of the list of influential people to paint. She's been making music for a long time and had released 4 EPs under her own label by the age of 21. She has also had props from the one and only Kendrick Lamar. 

The album 'Sometimes Introvert' is a masterpiece, fantasy style inner monologue combined with spoken word. She talks about being quiet in the extroverted world of the music industry. Some of the songs also sound like they are reminiscent of her Nigerian heritage. The blend with British hip hop makes for a super unique sound. It's enjoyable on a surface level but as soon as you deep dive in to some of the lyrics you'll find a vulnerability that really speaks. It is something that is really relatable.

British music seems to making waves across the globe and I wanted to focus on that more than American hip hop. I spend a lot more of my time listening to music that comes out of the UK than anywhere else. Its difficult to ignore it. Its why I want to push more UK hip hop art work. There is so many distractions in the modern world - I feel a lot of people don't really appreciate how lucky we are to have new music at our fingertips. People pour their heart and soul in to this music and they can be under appreciated. This art is a little token to those people making great art with their sounds. 

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