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Lip Service

Personal Art Series

Introducing "Lip Service," an emerging personal series that has evolved from my previous body of work, unexpectedly growing into an ongoing project set to unfold over the coming months.

The genesis of this series can be traced back to my decision to revisit and recreate an old piece called "Bad Trip". I have always held a deep fascination with optical illusions - this is a concept of an individual gazing into a mirror after taking a tab of acid, witnessing their tongue metamorph into an octopus tentacle. I always like this piece as it bears a resemblance to iconic Rolling Stones lips.

While the series encompasses themes associated with the effects of mind altering substances, it is not inherently centered on drug-related narratives. Instead, these themes serve as a means to facilitate the optical illusions in my work. It serves as a way to explore the boundaries crossed between fantasy and reality and the inception of which these points converge.

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