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Call me if you get lost flowerboy

Personal - Illustration

I discovered Tyler and OFWGKTA a very long time ago when they had this website that would post some really cool, but slightly random stuff. It’s a shame it doesn’t exist anymore. Then Yonkers came out, and well...the rest is history. Ever since then it’s been difficult to ignore Tyler the Creator as he is a colourful character and pretty darn hilarious. His music though - it's a different beast altogether. Not only does he span multiple genres, exploring new avenues but the narrative that runs like a stream of consciousness through his songs makes for a very unique body of work.  

I’ve been wanting to paint Tyler the Creator for a very long time, Wolf was one of my favourite albums of 2013 and I’ve listened to it back to back more times than I can remember. I could go on and on about his different albums but it's probably a good idea for you to have a listen yourself! Not only is he a creative genius musically but also has a very successful clothing brand.

In my head I actually had this depicted as a series devoted to Tyler and the many narratives he has explored throughout his discography. Who knows whether that will happen... Anyway please enjoy this piece, there are a few Easter eggs to discover. Its always fun to paint a fellow big eared friend.

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