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Bad Bunny - soulr

Freelance - Animation

I got the opportunity to work on an animation sequence for Soulr on youtube. You’ve probably already seen some of his videos, his documentaries get a lot of traction and you really only need to see a few minutes of his videos to see why. He makes full length documentaries on everything about culture. I discovered his videos a few years ago over lockdown, the Frank Ocean video caught my eye so I thought what the heck. I got hooked right away. I just couldn’t believe the quality and passion that went into them, on subjects and people that I admire.  

This documentary is about how Bad Bunny has become one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. The animation is an interpretation of the moment Bad Bunny was working as a bag boy in a grocery store, uploaded one of his songs to Soundcloud and reached viral fame.

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