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Personal - Illustration

My Grandmother was a theatre nurse near the beginning of the National Health Service . I think she'd be incredibly disappointed with the conditions in which healthcare professionals are expected to carry out their jobs. Years of pay restraint and stressful working conditions has left the service in a sorry state. It is vastly underfunded and the staff work incredibly long hours.
These are now the people that are risking their lives everyday to save ours. They are the very fabric of society that is holding the country in place in this unprecedented time. Let this be a wake up call for the government to provide the NHS staff with the proper protection equipment, fair pay and conditions, and to provide aid in rebuilding a broken system. I hope this piece of artwork is a time stamp in history and will serve as a reminder of the heroic behaviour we have witnessed from all hospital workers. They are the people that don't do it for the money or the respect. But out of the goodness of their hearts in order to help others. The Guardian Angels watching over us no matter what the circumstances.

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